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A Review of Jenson Button’s Books

I’ve read two of Button’s books, and (*spoiler*) I loved them both. I wasn’t a fan of the sport when he was racing, but from watching old races, he’s clearly a very talented driver. The two books I’ve read are; How To Be An F1 Driver: My Guide To Life In The Fast Lane, and Life to the Limit: My Autobiography. How To Be An F1 Driver is most definitely more tongue-in-cheek, but the writing is not any less good. Here are my separate reviews for both of them:

Life to the Limit: My Autobiography: 

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Wow! I really loved this book. I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now. It’s an insightful read with lots of inside information into the sport. Button wasn’t afraid to give his opinion on some of the drivers and team bosses in the sport (most notably Flavio Briatore) and I admire that. He also talks quite a lot about his background and the influence his father had on his life. I enjoyed those parts just as much as those about his racing. It’s heartbreaking to read about his father’s tragic death, and you can really feel the impact it had on him. I didn’t know much about him going into this book, and I’ve gained a lot of respect for him as both a driver and a person. His critics would label him as a ‘playboy’ and someone who hasn’t had to work hard for his successes. However, I feel quite differently. I think this book is perfect for an F1 fan, or really just any sports fan. He seems like a good, down-to-earth guy. 

How To Be An F1 Driver: My Guide To Life In The Fast Lane:

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Now, this one is especially fun. If you’re looking for a technical book, this isn’t it, but he definitely has his fair share of stories. Button has made over three hundred F1 race starts and has raced for seventeen years in the sport with seven different teams. This book also touches on his Super GT racing in Japan with teammate Naoki Yamamoto in the 2018 and 2019 seasons of the sport. From partying with Prince Albert of Monaco to singing with the (not so) ‘Quiet Beatle’ George Harrison.  Button writes about the qualities of an F1 driver, and some of the reasons why he felt he could no longer race in F1. It’s a book I’d recommend to every Formula 1 fan. Button is a great writer, and it feels like you’re just chatting to him the whole way through!

Originally published on: March 1 2021

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