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Why I Write In This Blog

Why do I write in this blog? This question has been on my mind a lot recently. I have come to understand that there are two answers. 

One reason is that I love the sport, and writing about it helps me understand why I enjoy it so much. As a woman, I am still getting used to the fact that I like cars. It feels simple to write but harder to say. 

I now know that I love Formula One because of the stories and because of the people. My mission is to convey the passion and hard work that goes into every aspect of the sport. It is not just about the drivers, who are the stars of the show. Formula One is about the thousands of people who pour their hearts and souls into the sport every day. Without them, Formula One would not be able to function.

Another reason I write these posts is due to the rise of female leadership and talent in motorsport. It motivates me to continue writing and to pursue my dream of working in F1. Seeing women with jobs in Formula One gives me a feeling of belonging that is impossible to describe. The progress is slow but evident. Reading other blogs, attending webinars, and listening to people’s career stories is, in my opinion, critical if I want to achieve the goal of having a career in the sport. I’ve found that most people are eager to give some guidance and share their journey. 

I’ve linked some amazing blogs below. If you would like to work in motorsport, I’d recommend watching Jennie Gow’s webinars on YouTube. She has an abundance of experience in the sport, as well as some amazing advice in her videos. 

As promised, here are two blogs I read on a day to day basis:

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Originally published on: March 11 2021

Cover Image Credit: Williams Racing