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Alex Thomson, Digital and Social Media Director of Alelbuth Media

“I wanted to create the content that lived on social media.” — Alex Thomson

Alex was born in Adelaide, Australia, and has had the privilege to travel the world for her work. In an interview with Fast and Fearless, Alex said that “The house I grew up in was about 50 metres from Victoria Park Racecourse, the Adelaide Street Circuit, so my very early memories were of Formula 1 at the end of my street. I actually learnt to ride my bike on the pit straight!”

She went to the University of Adelaide and studied Commerce. In her senior year, she won a scholarship for an exchange program and got the opportunity to study in Singapore during 2012. Alex then entered a post-graduate program at the university, receiving a first-class degree.

Source: Alex Thomson

Alex also ran a popular blog, Alelbuth, from 2013 to 2015. She wrote race reports and her thoughts about the Formula One seasons. Around that time, she emailed her CV to the Lotus F1 team. She achieved an internship in their Media Communications department, writing press releases and assisting with their social media platforms.

Soon afterwards, she became a Senior Media Lead for the Yas Marina circuit. That is the track that hosts the yearly Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Two years later, Alex became the manager of their social media.

After working in UAE for almost four years, she decided to quit her job. Alex did not meet the Visa requirements for several offered positions but eventually found work at the F1 Paddock Club. She made a courageous decision and chose to accept the offer and move to Sweden. Alex became a Social Media Manager. This role meant that she handled the social media accounts for the F1 Paddock Club. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was furloughed.

Source: Alex Thomson

Currently, Alex is the Digital and Social Media Director of Alelbuth Media, her own company. During the 2020 Formula One season, she worked for Motorsport Network and the Virtual F1 Paddock Club. 

Alex inspires me to be ambitious and to take opportunities in stride. Her career choices have paid off, but they all required leaps of faith.  

After all, you will never know unless you try.

A response from Alex; 

Originally published on: April 7 2021

Cover Image Credit: Alex Thomson

UPDATE: It’s April 30th 2021, and I have the delight of announcing that I’ve interviewed Alex Thomson. Head here for the post.